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About Our Email List Practices

First and foremost, Second Story values your privacy, probably more than you do. We will never share, sell, or otherwise distribute your name or email address without your consent (and we probably won't ask to, either.) We also discourage site visitors who are under the age of 13 from submitting their personal information to our email list, in the interest of compliance with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.)

We also don't send out a lot of gratuitous emails; if we have several shows coming up, we'll let you know about them. If there's a major update to the website — or some news so big we'll bust if we don't tell ya — we might pass on the info to you. We will NOT send you jokes, porn, inspirational messages or SPAM. We will also never send you any file or picture attachments without your permission (and again, we probably won't ask to, either.) On average, we send out maybe one or two emails a month to the fine folk on our email list.

We have also always used a special, in-house system for bulk mailing which sends an individual message to each recipient, thus ensuring that your email address is never intentionally or unintentionally sent to anyone else on the list, even in the BCC: field. This also means that you won't get any messages with 200 other people's addresses listed before you even get to the content of the message.

If you ever want to opt out of the list, it's quick and painless. No phone calls, no non-existent email addresses - simply send an email to In the message, write "Please unsubscribe."

Why do we care so much about this? It comes to this: we're asking you to be supportive of original music. We feel it is our best interest to remove all the hassle so you can go ahead and be a Second Story supporter with no reservations. It's that simple. If you're happy, we're happy. On that note, if you ever have a question about this information or anything not covered here, please drop us a line at

Second Story thanks you for your support.

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