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April 1, 2004
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  • Second Story on permanent "hiatus" 11/13/04
    Yeah, well... it's been a mostly wonderful time over the past eight or so years. The band has had its ups and downs, with several personnel changes (Hi Zaughn, Jason, Ken)... The band changed quite a bit from the time it was envisioned by Mark and Scott as a "Lilith-friendly" sort of band. We evolved. A lot. Lately, though, the magic is gone. So while none of us is quite ready to invite the fat lady out on the stage to sing, she's definitely warming up in the wings. Consider us on hiatus until further notice. Thanks for being there for us over the years, and if/when we finally decide that this is totally over, we'll be putting together a less hasty memories page. Thanks!

    It's true! After spending the last several months playing few shows while concentrating on submitting material to every label on the planet, Second Story has finally seen success! They've been signed to Falderal Records, a subsidiary of a really large multi-national media conglomerate. The members of the band are all quitting their day jobs and starting an international tour in two weeks, giving them little time to move into their new multi-million dollar mansions.

    Okay, April Fools. But - we've got a new show on the board and are working on getting some new ones on the schedule as well. More to come!

  • A Couple of Great Shows 8/11/03
    Well, we just came off of a pair of strong performances. The first was at a new club for us: "Bamboo Bernie's" in Lawnside NJ. Despite a club name that doesn't suggest that it is a strong music venue, it actually turned out to be a really great place to play, with a raised stage, lights, and strong sightlines from several seating areas. The management seemed to really like us, and we think it may become our new "home club," since it's centrally located and not a dive!

    We also played just this past Friday at the venerable Nail in Ardmore... though our turnout wasn't a strong as we'd have hoped, the last band of the evening (Stiltwalker) threw a birthday bash and had the place pretty well packed. Of those people attending, we got some nice feedback and several email list signups. Overall, a pretty nice couple of shows!

  • Updated Server 6/16/03
    Our ISP has moved the Second Story site to a "more better, more faster" server... So performance of the site should be much more reliable now, including the ability to better stream MP3s and other media files, as well as allow much quicker load times for site pages. Just an FYI!

  • Hear some samples...6/14/03
    Since it's been such a long time coming, we figured we'd reward you with a quick sneak preview of our upcoming album. Here's a montage of clips from Thin Twisting Line (unmastered.)

  • MIXDOWN is COMPLETE! 6/12/03
    What a long, strange trip it's been. We've spent a lot of time, effort, and money, and it's taken far longer than we ever anticipated, but we finally have the new album "in the can." We're currently getting prepared to master the album, and we're also finalizing artwork concepts and jacket information.

    Our intent is to try to negotiate some sort of distribution deal, in order to better get our music into people's hands worldwide. We'll keep you posted as that develops!

  • Progress! 5/14/03
    We've been down at Giant Steps mixing down, and we're making amazing progress - we're completing a song a night, and the results thus far are really promising! We've done The Silent Giants and Clay so far, and they are sounding fantastic. We're very happy that we chose Vic to do the mixdown on the album; he's really bringing the tracks to life! If we keep going at this pace, we should have the mixing complete within a month's time (we're only going in three days a week.) Thin Twisting Line will be ready before you know it!

  • Getting back into the swing of things... 4/17/03
    Man, did it feel good to play out again! Our show at the Grape Street (4/2) was a rousing success, especially for a Wednesday. We want to pass a big shout out to all our friends and fans who came out in the middle of the week to help us make a great impression. We should be at the Grape again sometime soon; in the meantime, we have two other shows on the schedule.

    In addition, we've finalized our decision to take mixdown of our album to another studio. We want to stress that Indre has been very good to us, and their staff is fantastic - especially Bogdan, our engineer. However, after putting together several mixes at Indre, we decided that we need someone whose musical passions run more similar to ours to mix the album.

    That said, we've decided to take the tracks to Giant Steps Recording and have Vic Stevens, most recently (and prominently) of McGill/Manring/Stevens, do the honors. Based on our discussions with Vic, we think that his musical vision most closely parallels ours, and he has the experience and equipment to make it happen. Cross your fingers - we'll finish this album yet!

  • What's Up? 3/05/03
    Hey folks... if you're reading this, we're glad you are still around. It's been a while, and things have been kind of stagnant. Progress on the album has been at a standstill due to financial constraints and some dissention and disappointment in how the mixes are coming along. We have a "sound" in our heads, and we just can't seem to acheive it with the mixes we're getting. We're currently investigating alternatives for completing the album the way we need it done, and hoping that it won't take a decade to finish. We hope you folks are still around (and interested!) when we finally complete it.

    That said, the band has also been on a sort of "live hiatus" of late, and that has also served to dampen our spirits overall. However, we've been experiencing a renaissance of sorts, and are currently actively booking gigs again - as well as writing new material. We've got a new song completed, and are working on at least 2 more... So, spirits are on the rise, bookings are on the horizon, and new music is on the set list. So don't you dare ignore us, we're planning a spectacular return as one of your favorite bands. We're not that easy to get rid of!

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